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The TSC Bid Meeting has been cancelled! Please view our Home Page.

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  Clear Lake Area Ski Club

Address: P.O. Box 58623 Houston, TX 77258


Email: Contact: Clear Lake Area Ski Club

TSC Delegate: Gayle Brown, VP Trips
Club Description: The Clear Lake Area Ski Club (CLASC) is a non-profit, member-operated social club that promotes the sports of snow skiing & snowboarding by offering trips to ski resorts throughout the world. We also do non-ski trips to interesting and exotic locations. 

CLASC was organized in 1973 by a group of Clear Lake Area skiers, many of whom worked at the NASA Johnson Space Center. The club is celebrating our 45th Anniversary, and currently includes over 100 members encompassing a wide cross-section of the community.

Come join us for monthly Happy Hours, club meetings (Sept - Mar), and all sorts of social activities, in addition to trips!  We welcome singles and families of all ages. 

Upcoming Trips
 Dates                  Trip Leader   
 Trip Leader Email                Full Pkg $/pp
 Ground Pkg $/pp
 Drop Date
 Ski Trips
Chamonix, France. TSC
Jan 31 - Feb 8, 2020
 Kathy Quigley $2300
Oct 25
Crested Butte, CO TSC
 Feb 22-29, 2020
Brenda Herman $1715
 $1200 1 single male
Nov 14
 Sun Valley, ID TSC
 Mar 7-14, 2020
 Jim Robertson $1870
 Jan 10
 Non-ski Trips
 New Zealand  TSC
 Oct 13-24, 2020
 Keith Zimmerman $4400
 $2700  8 Full
 July 1, 2020